Sunday, December 16, 2012

heavy heart

no words of wisdom here just extreme sadness over the Connecticut tragedy. Feeling so helpless and my heart is so incredibly heavy thinking about those sweet families walking around their house with the empty bedrooms just screaming at them in pain and all the wrapped presents under their tree that'll never be opened in just 9 days. It just doesnt make any sense and I keep watching the news and reading articles hoping to find out the answer to why behind all this, but then realize no matter what is explained, it'll never fully make sense. All i can do is pray, send support, pray some more, cry along with them, never forget , thank God for our blessings, and love them more madly than i did the day before .  
I can't imagine going on in life and breathing a breath of air without them in my life and I just can't fathom 26 families have to continue their lives without their loved ones because of such a senseless tragedy. Not to mention every other person in that building that day and the traumatic after effects they will feel after surviving such a travesty and what they saw/felt that day.

It'll never make sense.  Somehow Lily and Grady and all the other children in the world will help the healing for all of us because of their innocence, their miracle lives, and impressionable spirits.  We carry on with our day to day and fake it til we make it because they deserve all of us.  This is another storm we have to be strong for the kids.

and the kids help us to quiet the noise of all the sadness and evil in the world and all we can do is hold them tighter, tell them we love them even more, and appreciate their presence in deeper ways than we thought possible.

heavy hearts for the Connecticut families and sending love, peace and prayers nonstop, feeling helpless and defeated not knowing what else to do, but pray and try to be a better mom because of it.

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Anonymous said...

You put it so well. Each and every mother's heart aches for the anguish and never ending pain felt by these families. I cannot wrap my mind around it and never will. I cannot even begin to imagine that amount of pain and loss. No words can begin to express how all of us Mothers ache for the families.
Love, Mom