Sunday, November 18, 2012

Missing Summer

Yes, I do love this fall , cool, crisp weather, but I sure miss summer.  With no schedule or school to zip off to and cooling off in the water parks makes me miss it so much; especially when I see these pictures.    The zoo was open every friday night and they have waterfalls there for the kids to play was the highlight of my week bc they had a DJ with fun dance music.  I dont go to the night clubs anymore to shake my booty so now I do it with little kiddies and I think it's much more fun.

and face painting is a must.

sometimes we got a little wild with it.

oh, this is one of the sweetest pictures ever.

prepare yourself.

 i dont think u can handle it.

ok, please proceed, but dont say i didnt warn u.

my little mommy's helper.  she told david the other night she wanted to marry grady when she grew up and be a mommy to her babies, but was worried because she didnt know how to cook dinner or turn on the dishwasher.

some mall fun...he's as sweet as he looks. if not sweeter. gives kisses and hugs randomly throughout the day.  begs lily to kiss his hand and give him a hug before she goes to school each morning and again at night before bed. he's talking up a storm and cracking us up at every turn...i can't wait to learn more about him the more he talks bc with his 1-2 word sentences, intonation and mannerisms, i can't imagine when we get the full story with him.

my heart aches for another trip like this with my favorite people from high school where we talked about life, love and happiness overlooking the ocean.  can u say perfection?

this has to happen again next summer.  seems mandatory actually.

Lily cooling off in the heat.  i think she's had enough.

and our annual trip to the hyatt with mom and sissies....we think this is our 8-9th summer in a row and scheduling an open weekend for all 4 of us is like solving the world's largest Suduko puzzle, but once it's set on the calendar, everything that comes up conveniently shifts around that sacred weekend.  I can't describe the bonding, laughter and fun we have when we're together.  Im so lucky I can't stand it.

Missing summer, but loving these PERFECT park days we have had lately.  Life is good ...any season of the year.


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