Sunday, November 25, 2012

Guess who's in town

Even though Dad is 2 hours away, he visits so often that it's like he's still down the street.  Not really, but I keep telling myself that .  I think this is so cool when i see this on my voicemail.

He's smitten with the kids and constantly shaking his head at how cute they are to him.  I think he's reliving his parenthood of us, but without the worry.

I love seeing him so happy.  Oh and the kids are too.

Is it bad we took a bath at the zoo sometimes?  We stayed there until 9 some nights so we were a little out of options.

Friends for life...

Grady has never been one to wear hats, but for some reason, he will wear this Curious George hat.  (and his swiper one)

playing in david's car...

  Janet came to visit and it was SO MUCH FUN for everyone!

Somehow the 2 year old is taller than the 4 year old.  Go figure.

He's a lover of books and she's a lover of story telling.  I LOVE THIS PIC!!

I told Lily she could only bring pool floats with her to the pool that she could carry bc my hands and bag was already filled to the max.  So she took me up on it and creatively carried all she could. and then some.  I was impressed.

They found some tickets , colored on them and made up a game of go fish.  clever trevor.

Just some snapshots of our life and our kids and what we've been up to.  They might be a little late to be published, but the memories are in our hearts forever.  Was that as cheesy as it sounded?  I love me some cheeseballness!  Life is good!

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