Friday, June 22, 2012

runners, panhandlers, and rudolph all in one post

This is how far (times 200 more feet) Grady will run from me whenever we go to a park or anywhere for that matter. He's not running from me per say, but he's an explorer like Crocodile Dundee and can't be bothered with mulch and swings. He's on the go like he's he's late for his next business meeting.
and Lily always likes to be close and have me in her eyesight at all times.

they couldn't be more different if I drew it out on paper. And lily is quite the little dancer lately. Like won't stop and will break it down wherever we go. Grady is following suit too and his favorite move is spinning around in circles. Lily is more of a hip shaker. Check out this adorable video with Chuck shaking her booty without a care in the world who was watching. I love when she lets her hair down and shows her adventurous side.

can't see it, click here
"Cotton Candy" who she fell in love with when she created her at Grace's 6th birthday party had a major tear in her for no apparent reason so we brought her to Build A Bear for "surgery" and Lily was sure to give her a post surgery bath.

I've always wanted them to do some type of charity work and they're still a little (a lot) young for schlepping mashed potatoes and gravy at a homeless shelter on Thanksgiving morning so we've been making sandwiches for the panhandlers we see much more of on the east coast. There's been many awkward moments at red lights when Lily asks a gabillion questions about why that man in standing in the heat holding a beat up cardboard sign, walking up and down aimlessly between the cars. So finally we made one of the 100 a bagged lunch and gave them to the first panhandler we found. He didn't have any teeth and said thank you and God bless you about 23 times and DEVOURED the peanut butter sandwich in less than 5 seconds. I think it was gone before the light turned green and lily's eyes were as big as the moon. Priceless.

these 2 are becoming fast friends...

here are a set of pictures that slipped through the cracks from Christmas; mainly because we were packing up and moved just 4 days after christmas. ugh! totally crazy time emphasizing the fact that moving does indeed suck the life right outta you. I digress.

Rudolph kissed everyone in the house while they were sleeping so we all had red noses to prove it....Lily was a little freaked out by this idea so I downplayed it that Rudolph only blew her a kiss and she fell for it hook line and sinker.

and I love this picture of the cousins Jen took at the last minute - wish allison and anna were in it too

and my friend Amy had a creative gingerbread house making was a first for me and so neat for lily to experience such a festive event with her friends.

her pal Bridget and no I didn't photoshop her beautiful eyes - i wouldn't know how to if i wanted.

such concentration from all the girls you could've heard a pin drop - or maybe it was because their mouths were full of sweet candy.

oh how we miss all of our girlfriends...big and small :)

i could stare at her all day when she's in a group setting with other kids or adults; watching her little face taking it all in and becoming more independent with every social gathering and still trying to find her footing on where she fits in it all.

she sure fit in with the big and little girls like a glove with the giggles and games.

It's fun to look back a little and realize how blessed we are!

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