Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lazy Days of Summer

The park days are coming to a close because of the heat, but it's always nice to sneak a day in here and there when it's cloudy out and is it just me or is it raining more than ever lately?

Lily wrapped up an awesome 1/2 year at her new school where she was in a class of 7 kids and two teachers! Say whaaa?? She met such wonderful kids in her class who have really cool moms too so it's a win win for everyone! I know it's hard for her to be away from us, but we're so proud the way she's becoming more independent everyday at adjusted to so much newness since moving. It's a lot for the average kid to handle a move like we've been through (3 diff houses in 6 months), but for someone like Lily who takes awhile to warm up to new situations, she took it all in stride and was just happy to be back together as a family which is all that really matters in her little heart.

Grady has a little fear of water that we're working through. We started swim lessons with him and I needed ear plugs the first day, but he was a little fish the 2nd day so I'm hoping that momentum keeps up from here on out.

Lily is a little fish, but everyone needs to rest their gills now and then.

We escaped to the mall which is 5 minutes from our house (yippee) for free ice cream at Haagen Dazs for free ice cream and thanked Court for the tip because ice cream is our FAVORITE treat evah!!

Grady and his friend Cooper who could double as his twin if they were in the movies.

The blonde spikes would come around the corner and I had to do a double take of who was who.

and a night dedicated just for Jordan and all his amazing accomplishments for another great Lacrosse season!! Way to go Jordan! We're so proud of you!!!!

Life is GOod!!

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