Sunday, December 25, 2011

Through the Years

Here's a look back at our family growing; or trying to grow through the years. I posted something like this last year and added our card for this year.

Our first year we were married 2 months before Christmas so we used our Christmas card as an wedding announcement + a Christmas card rolled into one. I wasn't too great keeping Christmas cards, but I remember we used this picture.
2002. The next year, we thought we'd spruce it up a bit and get them done professionally. "Professionally" meaning we went to WalMart (busting out in laughter) Nothing against WalMart, but God love them with the fake Christmas tree/fireplace background. I thought these were so cool at the time though. I don't have the actual card, but remember putting the walmart picture in a frame so here it is taken in the dark from my camera at 4am. I chose that necklace carefully and made sure it showed in the picture. It was such a meaningful necklace because it said something special on it, but at this point I have no idea who gave it to me or what it says. Super special huh?
2002:2003: 2003: I can't remember what we did for a Christmas card and then Dottie remembered and sent me a picture of it. Then I lost that so it must not be meant to be that I share it.

Moving on to 2004. We started at the beginning of this year and I was convinced we'd have a baby to celebrate Christmas with or at least an announcement maybe on the card. We moved into our house that year and were more than ready. Everyone kept asking us "when ya gonna have kids" and that question tripled when we moved into our house from a condo. I couldn't find the actual card, but remember cutting it out for a Christmas tree ornament. Poor david who looks head-less. ha20042005. I almost didn't do a Christmas card this year because we had been trying for 2 years, married for 4 and I was almost embarrassed to send out another picture of just us. Felt so cheesy, but we took this picture at Skip's wedding and it was semi -decent so we slapped it into a card and sent out just a handful.
2006: Dude, enough of the not-so-Happy-Hutchesons already! 5 years of just us on the card was getting old. It felt like I was reminding all of our friends and family we still didn't have kids or any signs of them coming. It's funny because as sad as we were about the void in our lives, we really tried super duper hard to be happy in other areas of our life. Yes, it was a dark cloud over us, but we tried really, really hard not to let it suck us in to the vortex of depression and taint everything else. We didn't always succeed, but man did we try! We took this picture at Kelle's wedding which was so much fun and filled with so much love. This picture epitomizes that night. I don't remember who took this picture, but thank you if it's you!!
2007. Finally, we have someone other than us on the card! Well, kinda...Seriously, I couldn't smile big enough in this picture to show my happiness...
2008: The year we became parents. Finally! Look who made the front of the Christmas card! These pictures were taken by Kelle and they're still up on my refrigerator even though it's from 2008. I heart them that much and every time I go to exchange out some new pictures these are always skipped. I was tickling her like crazy trying to get a smile and in the process my smile is the one where you can see the back section of my teeth! Heidi bought her the shirt and it was perfect as she was our present that Christmas.

2009: These pictures were taken by my friend Katie and the forest is actually real behind us. We have this picture on a canvas on our wall and every time I look at it, it makes me smile inside. It's so odd that Grady's not in this picture becauuse I can't remember life without him.Photobucket

It's crazy to think this picture was taken We didn't have any baby in the tum-tum yet and were just contemplating doing IVF#3 in the upcoming January.

2010: And then just last year we got to add the snuggle bear Grady. Yes, he's as sweet and delectable as he looks then and now.
Jen took these pictures and they capture so much of our heart and our happiness finally being a family of four.

2011: we look such a real family with 2 kids ...still blows me away. I love these little and big people so much it hurts.

We teach our hearts out to these kids everyday

But they are really the ones who teach us everything. They put it all in perspective and show us the true meaning of Christmas.
And the true meaning of love.

Merry Christmas!


Andreza Novaes said...

Merry Christmas!!!!!

Annie said...

Beautiful Kelly. An emotional trip down memory lane. It feels like your kids are the most loved in the entire world.