Sunday, August 07, 2011


psst, david and i had twins 9 months ago. a boy and a girl. here's the picture to prove it. While pregnant with Grady I was TERRIFIED of twins bc they implanted 2 embryos, but after Grady arrived, I think it would've been UBER COOL.
Since that didn't happen, we have Ella to fill in the gaps.

Ella and Grady sitting in a tree...


and l-a-u-g-h-i-n-g.
Lily loved the company.

and so did Julie

Ella's mom and I both struggled for years to have babies and prayed so much for each other and somehow divine intervention struck and they were born just hours apart from each other 1 day apart.

there are no accidents.

connected forever in each other's hearts and in their story.

babies together make me giddy

and happy babies make me even happier.

these are pictures and memories we'll look back on in years to come and gawk at just how little they once were. Ella is as adorable on the inside as she appears on the outside. and her family? to die for.

we'll look back wanting to preserve that sweetness in a bottle and sprinkle it around the world.

and I think these pictures will be the closest we'll get to that wholesome goodness. mmmm

life is good.


Anna Ruth said...

How sweet these pictures are. Ella, Grady, and Lily are all miracles. Their smiling faces could brighten anyones day.

Julie Frizzi said...

tears of joy...sweet little ones!!!!

Andrea said...

Oh this post made me cry!!!!! How beautiful to see our little miracles having so much fun together!! Thank you for posting such a special post. Ella loves her second family so much!