Wednesday, July 27, 2011

cell love

This is my profile picture on facebook. I'm not even in it. It's grainy and blurry, but the cell can sometimes capture the best moments. It makes me smile every time I see it; especially the way Grady is tuning in...
This video also makes me smile ear to ear....took her awhile to get up the courage to jump and there were even a few trips to the end of the board, tears and a u-turn down the steps, but once she did it, she couldn't stop and has probably jumped 324 times this summer.
i almost like the nervous stutter steps walking to the edge of the diving board more than the actual jump. This whole jumping off the diving board is so symbolic of how we all raise our kids. Watch them figure this world out one step at a time; some harder than others while we coach and cheer like cheerleaders on crack from the sidelines.

It cracks me up seeing her in line with all the big kids. She doesn't understand the line concept so much; in that she has to step up and stay close to the person in front of her.

our little cubby in training; thanks for the hat Allison...means so much!

another camera phone picture which I love...there's such a delay on the cell camera, but still managed to capture this shot...Grady is in a cloth swim diaper which we LOVE and no he's not naked.

Somehow I was lucky enough to win a $200 gift card to Publix. Holla! They decided to send me 20 $10 gift cards. I'll take it.

Lily's new favorite toy from her pals Chase and Cal...the ball rolls around the ramp then air shoots it through the top like it's a blowhole from a whale. Rinse. repeat.

Grady hanging with the boys...

and Lily hanging with the girls (before she mastered swimming this summer)

the big boys doing chest bumps....

and Grady with one of his favorite friends Elliot ...Grady's head is about twice the size of Elliot's but Elliot doesn't mind. I love seeing babies interact and wonder what they're thinking when they finally see someone "their kind"
Hey, look Grady has a new mom

Okay, that's better, here's the real deal, super cute son Rossy Boy with Elliot's cute momma

Grady went to see Jordan play Lacrosse in bfe (so far I cant remember the name of the town right now) and the boys did some serious bonding. I swear Grady is like a magnet for love.

and a great lure to get a teenager outta bed.

Jordan is such a stud on the lacrosse field. Seiously he's like a gazelle out there with his fluid moves. I think I'm supposed to say he's blazing. Or dope. Or chill. Or hot. Or a bro. Can't remember the adjective teens prefer, but I think he's awesome. And super cute too... just don't tell him his Aunt Kelly said that.

I had a particular rough day and David was out of town so I whisked the kids to the beach for sunset at Lily's request. I think she knew I was in a funk and needed a change of pace. Thanks for that Lil. It was a magical night.

It seems like any problems in life literally wash away at the beach and worries float away. And I love that I found these pictures on my camera the following week Jen secretly snapped.

having friends impromptu there help too of course. text it and they shall come.

When I see people love Grady and Lily I am a complete pile of mush. I would give them a million dollars in that moment of gratitude.

we missed daddy, but lily told me to look in my heart when we talked about him not being there. Lily is turning into a serious daddy's girl the last few months and it is so sweet to witness. I've always trumped daddy in the lily department, but I've suddenly turned into chop liver so I'll happily watch from the sidelines.

Today Lily and I were having a deep discussion on our pizza date; topics ranged from gumball machines to her new flip flops from Rayna that finally fit her feet, then favorite colors, where she wondered why black wasn't allowed in the rainbow and might have his feelings hurt. Then we changed topics to our (not so) little guy Grady. I told her my favorite part about Grady was his happy heart and I asked her what her favorite part about Grady was and she said "My favorite part about Grady is his daddy"

I seriously can not believe lightning struck twice in our home and we're lucky enough to raise these 2 beautiful souls under our roof. They're like a double shot of perspective everyday laced with unending happiness. Even on the toughest of tough days..

life is good.


Unknown said...

I love your cell phone pictures...they are tiny windows into the INCREDIBLE, FULL, and FUN life you make for your kids every single day. I love the Mommy you are.


PS...their Daddy aint too shabby either. :)

jen said...

Love that you love so big.

Cibele said...

Let me start by saying: You look fantastic my friend. Lily is such a fish, I am amazed by the away she is so comfortable in the water. Love this last shot. Love Grady's smile!

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love this post!!!

Favorites: the two pictures with Jordan and Grady, the short, tiny footsteps off the board, and the beach shots:)) Love the Gulf:))

Also love your descriptions . . . so true:)

Love you and your babies:))

Aunt Molly

I guess I really love this post:))

Anna Ruth said...

I love all the family fun you are having. Everyone looks so happy!

Anonymous said...

What a happy, happy blog entry. You just want to HUG everyone!!!

Just LOVE the one with Jordan's eye half open, saying "who is this little creature waking me up?".

All of them, so blasted cute that there are no words.