Monday, June 06, 2011

I'll Have Seconds

Lots of loving (and yummy eating) in SC so a hefty dose of seconds is always a must. Too many amazing pictures from SC so it might be a multi-post of goodness. These 2 got along swimmingly!

I love having role models for my kids in the kid form. Yes, it's great to have positive adult role models for all kids, but there's something like our kids watching others within their same decade of life that makes such an impact. These 2 are the the rockstar supernova of role models. Wholeseome. Sweet. Kind. Loving, Guiding. Helpful. I can't think of enough adjectives for them.
We went tubing on Lake Wylie and the kids had a blast while the adults took in the scenery. Say what with this house? These were at every turn.

Our cautious little Lily joined the fun too and didn't even blink an eye at the fear factor of it all. I can't put her personality into a box if I tried; she's always surprising me.

Allison's feet made me laugh. I like to laugh.

Allison would marry the tube if she could; she got on it as soon as we started the day and never got off of it for a second all day long!

poor lily couldn't see above her life jacket.

for realzzzz she couldn't see. this picture made me laugh too.

Anna was SOO hesitant to get in the water because it was too cold and afraid of the fish - spent about 30 minutes contemplating and stalling the inevitable. Amazingly cool that our 3 year old talked her into it and helped her along the way. Look at the way Anna is holding onto Lily for support. Moments like these take my breath away.

super cool shot ...

ok , if this picture doesn't make you laugh I don't know what will. Our little narcoleptic Lily was hit by the tranquilizer gun again. Funny thing is she was sitting right next to me and we realized she was sleeping. sitting up. like a horse. So I grabbed her mid-snooze for some snuggles. (her original life jacket was soaking wet so we had to have plan b when we went to dry clothes)

PS I assumed most of you heard via facebook, that Grady's surgery went awesome, but guess it didn't hit everyone! He smiled through the whole thing even if his parent[s] (ie me) were a nervous wreck. It wasn't attached to anything internally, was removed switfly and he has a follow up appointment this week as a formality where we should be home free. PHEW! (wiping brow profusely) Thanks for all of the love and support!!!!

life is good.


Tracy Balderach said...

What a great vacation with great pictures to go with it! You guys all look so relaxed and happy! xxoo

Anna Ruth said...

That last picture had me laughing! She is so cute even when you can't even see her face. Your trip makes me so excited to head back to NC in a couple of weeks.

Tisha said...

so cute, had to laugh at "narcoleptic lily". :)