Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pretzel Tummy

I think I could make up a term for Dr. Google to be used when searching the internet for symptoms you feel and coming up with a diagnosis. We've all done it and I know I have a million and 1 times; especially when we were ttc.

Well, this emotion every mother feels on a regular basis. It's the "Pretzel Tummy Syndrome". Because once you have a child/dren, your heart has left your body and safely tucked inside another body and your happiness and sadness is now derived from that other body. In college, if I was in a funk, I would go straight to the book store and buy every self help book I could find on that related subject and usually feel better after reading some comforting words and anecdote.

It doesn't work that smoothly with kids. When things are "off" with your kid(s) and the planets aren't aligned with them, your tummy begins to take the form of a pretzel feeling anxiety for whatever they're going through. Well, I've been feeling that way for awhile about little G-man!

(Guess who took these awesome pictures?)

Well, he's having surgery tomorrow. Our little 7 month old SWEET baby boy is going to be admitted to the hospital, given an IV, and put under anesthesia. I could throw up if I really thought about it. So I have a big case of the Pretzel Tummy Syndrome and there's not antibiotic for it.

And I went to the bookstore, but no self help book about it either.

His belly button still has that suspicious growth coming out of it and they're not quite sure why 4 chemical treatments didn't obliterate it so they have to remove it surgically.

The specialist said the growth could be attached to his bladder and when the dr. said those words, I literally felt weak in the knees and didn't hear much of what he said after that. They wont know until they "go in" tomorrow (hurl) at how involved it'll be.

He is such a happy little guy....all. the. time. (with 2 bottom teefers)

and he just oozes goodness and happiness from his every pore. And I know all babies do; it's just neat to experience it again and can't believe that lightning strikes twice when you have a 2nd baby and the love & adoration you felt for the first one happens all over again. I didn't expect that.

and to think he'll be in such a vulnerable state while there's nothing we can do to help's just not fair.

and I know these surgeons could do this routine surgery in their sleep, Grady is safe in their hands and they're experts in their field. I know they do this everyday on hundreds of kids. And yadda-yadda-yadda; It just feels different when it's your baby. And they're putting your heart on the table.

But, like everything else in life that is icky, we'll be there for him holding his hand the entire time. And his heart.

Lily talks about his boo-boo on his belly button all the time lately and I think she senses it's turning into a bigger deal than usual.

Please pray for our little guy tomorrow and everything goes quick and smoothly. Thank you for all of your support and love leading up to this point. It is SO comforting. It means so much. My phone was blowing up with thoughtful texts, missed calls, emails during his consultation appointment last week and with every bling of the phone translated as an "I love you guys", it was an awesome reminder that we are so loved and supported during stressful times. I guess that's the antibiotic that works best for the Pretzel Tummy Syndrome. It's definitely my favorite.


Sian said...

Im new to your blog. I had to comment because I know exactly how you feel. My 1 year old has to have Gromets in his ears. They have to put him under and drill a hole to drain fluid. Its routine, tones of kids have it done. But putting him under. I'm not so good with that. Want to throw up describes it perfectly. You are so right. The world shifts when you have babies. I think its because for the first time you love someone more than you love yourself. Its big!

I hope it goes well for your little one. I'm sure it will. It will probably be harder on you and your tummy than him.

Annie said...

I like your analogy of our heart in them. It is so true.
My prayers are with your family and for the able hands of the surgeon and nurses.

jen said...

Oh sweets ... Thinking of you. Hugs.

Cibele said...

Here is me adding to the crowed telling "I love you guys". I will be praying for your sweet baby boy. I will be holding my breath with you tomorrow and sending love and prayers your way.

Cibele said...

Lyla has been under and had some minor surgery done and I can relate with your feelings. Also, OMG, what a gorgeous babies you have and what a talented photographer your sister is! When I visit you in FL I want her to capture Lyla and I okay? haha

Tracy Balderach said...

Lots of prayers coming your way, sweet friend! Grady is so lucky to have you next to him showering him with love and comfort. You are a wise and adoring Momma who will make it all just fine! XXOO

Maria said...

Kelly ~ Prayers are with you & your family as you go through this scary time. I'm sure little G-Man will be a trooper & come out of it with flying colours!
God Bless,

Tisha said...

aw, prayers for you and little g-man.

Anna Ruth said...

I wish I would have read this earlier. I am sending warm well wishes to you and little Grady.

Lizzy Vega said...

Glad to see little man is doing well! xoxo