Sunday, September 06, 2009

A Broken Fast Forward Button

It's hard for me to see Lily's "future self" meaning that when I look at my nieces and nephews or friend's kids who are slightly older or 'super older' (yup, made that word up) I can't envision Lily ever at that age. Whether it's how that child/teenager is talking, playing, or just interacting, my screen goes black to seeing Lily like that. Then when I see a newborn or a baby younger than Lily, it's hard for me to remember Lily that age. It's like it was a different baby than the one I'm playing with, yet I can't fast forward and think she'll always be talking, playing, and interacting just the way she is today.

Cue the scrapbooking.

Not that I need an excuse to scrapbook because it so much fun to capture and create this freeze frame of our lives with Lily. I already find myself looking back wondering where that baby went even though she's only 17 months old. I can't imagine when she's 7 or 17 years old! (screen goes a deep shade of black)

In the meantime, I love being able to feel reassured that I'll never forget the beautiful moments we're sharing that make up this wonderful life together. It just keeps getting better and better...


Some of her July milestones which seem so little, but are oh so big in her little world...


and then we have August where she is turning into this beautiful little person where she uncovers a little bit more of her heart each and every day and we fall that much more in love with her...


I promise you this time....17 months is my favorite age...I promise! (crossing fingers until next month) :)


Kelle said...

Love the July pages best...I could blow up one photo big on every page, but then that would make a 5000 page book, wouldn't it? So hard to choose! And seventeen months suits her well! Cuz' she beautiful!

Chanel said...

I love the pics of her and the flower! So adorable! Keep scrapbooking so you can always rewind. The future comes to fast that's why we can't fast forward!

Cibele said...

wow, the pics and pages are just gorgeous. You are right, I have a hard time imagining how Lyla will be or how she was as a newborn.. I guess we have to live in te moment! I am loving 17 months as well!

Anna Ruth said...

I cannot believe how big she is getting. Everyday is something new and beautiful.

jen said...

17 months is oh so wonderful.
i LOVE your dailies ... such a great picture into who she is each and every day. but the one about crying when she saw mommy's sad face just about sent me over the edge. it's so heartbreaking and wonderful at the same time when they achieve empathy for someone else. love these glimpses into her. thanks for sharing.

Leah said...

Great pages Kelly! You are so creative! It's easier to be creative when you have such an adorable "model" to work with isn't it?!?!

Heidi said...

you do such a great job with your scrappy pages. lily is such a big girl now! it just goes by so on 17 months being your fave age. i say the same thing now about every age!!!

Jennifer said...

I SOO love how you record such unique're gonna be so thankful you did.

I still wish I was there in Marshall's to see that tantrum.

I love the new header...her body pose is priceless.

Pssstt...every age is going to be your favorite, so get used to it. It never ends. :)

Love that girl.

Mary said...

You have such an appreciation for every stage and facet of Lily's life. That is so how it should be, just enjoying every minute of every age. No "I can't wait til she's ___." Just lovin' all the ages and stages. You are doing a wonderful job of all of that, Kelly T. and I'm so proud to call you my daughter and Lily my grandaughter!
Love, Mom