Thursday, January 09, 2014

2 peas in a pod

This is David's screen saver on his phone and it makes me smile every time i see it.  These 2 are 2 peas in a pod and love each other dearly!  (and fight too of course) photo IMG_1861_zps4bc3b70e.jpg

friends forever.
 photo IMG_1538_zpse298a384.jpg
they learn so much from each other
 photo IMG_1530_zpsc9f173b8.jpg

and have so much fun together.

 photo IMG_1883_zpsc6aaf74f.jpg

 photo IMG_1878_zps1be9855b.jpg

 photo IMG_1873_zps84f847c9.jpg

and have each other's backs.
 photo IMG_1644_zpsc1741c9b.jpg

 photo IMG_1641_zps7400a37c.jpg

and both love electronics
 photo IMG_1898_zpsc9276ab5.jpg

and reading
 photo IMG_1955_zps80a8f26e.jpg

and help each other with daily tasks
 photo IMG_1939_zpsbd6045d9.jpg

 photo IMG_1897_zps7566475f.jpg

sometimes g acts so helpless around lily and she loves to play the mommy role.
 photo IMG_1902_zpse283be2e.jpg

these 2 could be twins...
 photo IMG_1923_zps8ff420ae.jpg
everybody kept asking me if they were. i should've dressed them alike
 photo IMG_1916_zpsadb96621.jpg
 photo IMG_1911_zps29aa021c.jpg
life is good. oh so good!

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