Monday, December 30, 2013

sleep and beach

lily is still obsessed with sleep…and footed jammies…even if they are her brother's jams. photo IMG_1629_zpse818a9e9.jpg
more of grade's jams.
 photo IMG_1692_zpsd7d4a73d.jpg
and more sleeping.
 photo IMG_1836_zps72c63343.jpg
no matter where she can find it.
 photo IMG_1958_zpsc4f58607.jpg

i can't make this stuff up people.
 photo IMG_1578_zps7b458dd1.jpg

there she is pre teen.
 photo IMG_1821_zps471cf2f5.jpg
frick and frack looking for the quack. photo IMG_1811_zps38bd2807.jpg

I wanna workout with you mommy….
 photo IMG_1781_zps99ec9dd2.jpg

my insanity days - which was JUST that…INSANE!!! photo IMG_1763_zpse49b22b3.jpg

he LOVES to hold my hand and initiates it all the time. be still my beating heart. photo IMG_1751_zpsb317c97e.jpg
"mommy we a team, together everyone achieves more" Grady age 3….yes he says that regularly after hearing me say it!  lol photo IMG_1744_zps6868d984.jpg
best beach on the planet. this is the jetty side of it…it's nothing but perfection and always calm! photo IMG_1718_zpsa6b5e766.jpg

surfs up.
 photo IMG_1710_zps99b123e9.jpg
these pics make me miss the warm beach days…not miss the sand tho... photo IMG_1707_zpsdb9b07bd.jpg  photo IMG_1704_zps9de8b527.jpg

2 of my favorite pictures ever...
 photo IMG_1675_zps4ca6ec50.jpg

 photo IMG_1686_zpsed8e30e8.jpg

lily loves this one.
 photo IMG_1665_zpsc83e8fad.jpg

sunset on the east coast means going to the beach when it's dusk.  we were looking everywhere for the taylors….
 photo IMG_1703_zps2217cde0.jpg
once we figured out there was a miscommunication and we were on opposite sides of the pier it was time to pack and go….but needed to get lily first….
 photo IMG_1665_zpsc83e8fad.jpg

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