Wednesday, January 29, 2014

swimming, soccer and sunsets

Brave lily and her friend Lily photo IMG_0186_zpsfdfc47cb.jpg
winter day at school photo IMG_0158_zpsdcbaedef.jpg can u say best pals?  photo IMG_0137_zpsc129278c.jpg
these 2 too
 photo IMG_0136_zps3737a3e9.jpg
swim lessons for Grady when he learned...
 photo IMG_0121_zpsad5acb19.jpg
 wild hair G
 photo IMG_0036_zpsd5dc4af7.jpg

sunset swim...
 photo IMG_0558_zps32f69222.jpg

she is now giving make overs…. photo IMG_0557_zps6217f9ce.jpg

he learned to swim, but never quite mastered the back float...
 photo IMG_0548_zps03e7dfd2.jpg

someone is staring her 4th or 5th soccer season… photo IMG_0543_zps2db12411.jpg

more to come...