Sunday, August 11, 2013

photo album love

Grady is lazy bones when it comes to his shoes on and off...someone always caters to him so he's along for the free ride. photo IMG_1003_zps15eb2c0c.jpg
Somehow he became a swimmer this summer and it's like the angels in heaven are singing when I can relax a little pool side and watch them jump in and out 5,647 times!
 photo IMG_0998_zpsc32113f6.jpghe still loves standing on his head. daily. photo IMG_0984_zps3cb32c3b.jpg

and flips over... photo IMG_0985_zpsb2c1bcf2.jpg

Lily and her super friend Ella for her first sleepover.   photo IMG_0959_zpsf9336611.jpgswinging friends. photo IMG_0967_zps8baafd46.jpgand her pals at school who she still sees regularly which we love. photo IMG_0936_zps6f1b6b6b.jpg

her first fish ever caught... photo IMG_0837_zpse3b59eba.jpg

deep thoughts by Grady. photo IMG_0817_zpsab346bed.jpg

not for sale... photo IMG_0816_zpsd3929004.jpg

my life. photo IMG_0790_zps7b3338b5.jpg

picnic fun... photo IMG_0523_zps8a33d0d7.jpg

school in PJ's...nothing better. photo IMG_0477_zpsaa4c65c7.jpg

life is oh so good!

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