Sunday, August 18, 2013

Friends Forever

Sometimes they fight over a ball or "forget" to share the LeapPad and Grady still hits Lily, but there is sooooo much love and devotion between these 2 that makes my heart go pitter patter.... photo IMG_1214_zpsba49f334.jpg

He (tries to) shows her the wild side and she (tries to ) shows him the calm side and together they are a perfect pair! photo IMG_1155_zpsb7557e8a.jpg

She's always asking for hugs and kisses and pouts like a mo-foe if he turns her away...he senses that and comes running a mile away almost bowling her over.  Rinse. Repeat.
 photo IMG_0926_zps492a45d5.jpg
the meaning of team....
 photo IMG_0836_zps8c3c916c.jpg

more bowling for hugs.  (she falls 75% of the time he runs at her so fast) photo IMG_0672_zpsc1fac0bc.jpg

Dan put Grady to work when he babysat to earn his keep.  Thanks Dan Dan!! photo IMG_1105_zpsd1b5a7be.jpg

Shipping fees are priceless for his package. photo IMG_1068_zpsbf7fac2c.jpg

I have a coupon disorder.  and am at peace with that. photo IMG_0980_zpse61fcdb7.jpg

lily starts soccer tomorrow and gpa has been out of town. ....i've missed them both a lot!!
 photo IMG_0748_zps6aff9431.jpg life is good.

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