Monday, February 06, 2012

strollin and rollin

we're trying to get Grady to go down the slide by himself. mainly because it'll be super fun for him, but mostly because we can barely fit down the slide ourselves.
he's like road runner on a playground. falls more than he walks on the uneven ground and dirtier than pig pen when he's finished.

he turns himself into an upside down V at all times during the day.

there's a neighborhood park around the corner from our house and walking there is more fun (and easier) than the actual park. (ala chasing grady) Grady spends half the walk peering back watching his sister zip in her barbie car.

my view trying to catch up to my family.

thanks Aunt Jen for my cute shirt.

on the go...

swiping the playdoh which he doesn't quite realize yet it's for sculpting and not eating.

blowing bubbles in her sunday best (minus the socks)

there's something very wholesome feeling about sidewalk chalk and kids. even if Grady likes to eat it .

a plus about moving is finding stuff you never knew you had or had forgotten about. well, this shirt I wore during my 5th grade graduation from elementary school and I kept it because it had all of the graduate's names on it including mine. Well fast forward 26 years and now Lily Grace is wearing it and it's one of her favorite shirts . mine too.

holy full circle moment seeing her bee-bop around in it and she loves it for her jammies too.

i told her to stand next to the tricycle to take a picture and she added the leg up pose. hilarious.

see ya class of 1985, I'm the class of 2026. (omg, I just did the math to figure out her high school graduation year-woah nelly says kelly)

life is good.

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