Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sweating to the pages

Phew, after almost 2 years of hard work, blood, sweat and no tears, I'm ready to order the kids scrapbook. Since the kids take so many pictures together, I have their memory books combined, with individual pages for each child throughout and many combined pages of the 2 of them. This was the only way I could wrap my wee little brain around keeping up with 2 kids and remembering every part of their precious & fleeting childhood. Instead of writing down the dates of every milestone like I used to, I started to write letters to each child every month to personalize it to Lily and Grady a bit more about funny things they've said or done, milestones they've reached, and any big events that happened to them that month. I also changed it up a bit by doing books every calendar year instead of year to year based on their birthday month which I was doing prior to Grady being born. That helped me conceptualize it a bit more too since we have a bday in April and the other in October.

Was it a lot of work? Hell to the yea! But it was fun and never felt laborious. Where did I find the time? I'd do just 1 spread every month or so, but I found myself able to keep up with it if I knew I didn't have a ton to do at each sitting. If I was behind (i.e. middle of moving, david gone, holidays, etc), i'd just do a spread or 2 at the most. MUCH easier to keep up with if I was just nibbling away at it versus feeling like I had to do it all at once. I use a myriad of programs together in a mishmash with most of them listed on bottom right panel of the blog.

Well, I just ordered it and can't wait to get my hands on it and peruse it; hiding it from grady for now who'll probably wanna munch on it and slowly showing lily every page reinforcing the mantra I want them to hear in their head everyday....you are special. you are loved. you are important.

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Anna Ruth said...

Catching up on everything that is happening in your life. The kids look so happy and that is the best thing in the world when we are with our family and everyone is happy and healthy.