Saturday, January 21, 2012


We've been pretty spoiled with visitors and upcoming planned visits from family and friends to soften the fall of moving far away from loved ones. Time together was something we used to take for granted and there was an intense comfort in knowing we were always around the corner for a play date, a quick trip to see the sunset or meet for a drink just because.

We were lucky to have a visit from Aunt Jennifer and I thought she was going to swallow L&G up whole with the quality time they had together. Sometimes I felt like the 4th wheel when I was with them because they were off in their own little world. And I couldn't be happier seeing them feed off each other in the love fest. As soon as Lily and Grady woke up, they headed straight to Aunt Jennifer's room for some kisses, hugs and snuggles.
And books.

and more books...

seriously who looks happier here? I call a tie.

and we kept busy as usual. A visit to Chuck is always in order...

hugs all around...(lily insisted on the boots and I happily obliged)

and kisses too...

and for some reason the amazing zoo here has a merry-go-round in it too....not sure I see the connection between the natural habitats of zoo life and a merry go round, but Lily isn't asking any questions. Grady wasn't a fan of the ride, but felt safer in grandma's lap.

and pizza dates trying to find our favorite pizza joint in town is becoming harder than expected because we're a fan of every place...

Lily is turning into a little nerd practicing her letters, tracing, coloring, and doing dot to dots around the clock. We still think she might be ambidextrous because she'll alternate between left and right hand freely. (note use of right hand)

and a trip to Chili's is our default watering hole where someone always cries....most happy tears, but sometimes the sharing your deepest heart thoughts tears too.(mom was standing on chair taking this)

and here's 2 pictures from christmas that got lost in the shuffle of the move 4 days after the big holiday. Love this picture of her writing a letter to Santa at Flesher farms...(note use of left hand)

and this of us dancing under the moonlight. I remember both of us missing David so much on this night because we were creating memories without him, but pushing through knowing we'd be reunited soon enough and also feeling lucky enough to have dad and jen go with me to share the experience. I promised Lily in just few more days and daddy would be home every night. That was all she needed to hear. And that she got to come back with just daddy that weekend.

life is good.

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Anonymous said...

My son, until he was about 5 years old, was also using both hands to write and color. His pre-school teacher told me that he needed to "choose one hand" because otherwise it would stunt his eye-hand coordination. What a bunch of cr*p! I didn't listen of course, and he ended up being a lefty, for eating, for sports, for everything except playing guitar (he's 25 now!)
. And for the record, in pre-Kindergarten testing, his eye-hand coordination was off the high end of the charts :).