Wednesday, September 14, 2011

giggles and dustpans

gigglepuss. Seriously this boy does not have a serious bone in his body. he's. just. too. much. a highlight is when lily comes out with an announcement around the minute mark from the bathroom finishing up bath time.

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a guessing game before a trip to the water park - hilarious that she has no idea she looks like a ghost while giving me clues. Have I ever mentioned she's obsessed with cleaning and anything domestic? Believe me, it's not from our modeling. I don't know my ass from my elbow these days and our house looks like there's a sale at Toys R Us most days.

She walks around the house making sure every light is turned off to save "wektisity", hates if i leave the water running too long (in her opinion), closes all doors, hides toilet paper rolls from grady, wipes counters down like she's in a contest, asks for the sponge in the bath to scrub the tub, puts every possible toy she can find up high away from Grady, puts all waste baskets on the 3rd step so he can't get in them(yet), begs for a disinfectant wipe at the checkout at publix and proceeds to wipe the entire checkout down, the wheels on the cart and surrounding walls. I have to put a limit on how manywipes because she'd go through a whole tub if she could. I asked her what she wanted to do for a job when she grew up...she replied "I wanna cook dinner for my job".

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She craves order and clean and is hilarious about it. She's like a Mother Hen and especially since Grady has been on the move. But, watch out if something isn't orderly or clean (in her opinion) Let the sparks fly. Ooftah! Well, that's a whole 'nother post in itself.


The Huling Family said...

You can aways send lil over here to babies r us.....plenty to clean at all times. Grady can come too. ;)

Maria said...

Baby giggles are so stinkin' cute.
Love that sound!! Both kids are so adorable. I found you through Kelle's blog 'case you're wondering.
Happy weekend,