Tuesday, February 02, 2010

round the house

These pictures were in my drafts and have no rhyme or reason which are sometimes the best....

There's something about putting a bandana on Lily's little head that is so cute because it isolates her face and is too cute for words. Thanks Peyton for this adorable polka dotted outfit.

here's the face I'm talking about - can you imagine her grabbing your cheeks and pulling you close for a kiss? melting. Oh, how I miss her little hermangioma under her eye.

Her favorite word is "ow-sigh" because that's just where she just wants to go...outside...

Oh, how I love cloth diapers; especially when she's in jeans and her booty sticks out like J. Lo (no offense Jenny from the block)

Lily likes to play the "camera game" where she stands still like a statue while I snap away, then I tell her to run over to see her picture in the camera. She gets so excited, but this picture is in the early days of the game when she didn't know the routine that well and wasn't sure what to do when we started the game. She stood there like a statue, but wouldn't move; she looked like Laura Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie.


and look at the JCPenny model and Lily reading the bible. ha...just realized the title of the book, "Beautiful Bible Stories" after I uploaded the picture.


can you tell these pictures are a little old? I don't know how long I can keep these monthly pictures up because it might look a little silly when she's 5, sitting on the chair next to the bear and it reads "I am 60 months old"...




In my efforts to find the balance in life, I try to do fun stuff for myself, like my childhood passion of soccer and Lily was our little mascot...

how come we're all acting silly except for the 22 month old?

I guess you could say I'm a soccer mom; just reversed...

what a sight as I was running up and down the field...this is what I used to see growing up as I glanced on the sidelines and how neat this was to have a little person cheering for me too....


Grandpa said...

Love the picture of Lily with her “junk in the trunk” . . . it’s like she’s thinking . . . “You can’t tell I’m wearing diapers . . . can you?”

Lily can always brighten up the gloomiest of days!

Love ya!

Dad & Grandpa!

wylie said...

Love the last picture. That is adorable! Leah loves her friend Lils! We love her mommy too!

Leah said...

Great pics! You're on the same soccer team as Melissa and Minka! I love them! That's so awesome! Love Lily's little lawn chair! Wow that was a lot of "L's" in that sentence! LOL! She's too cute for words!

Tisha said...

love her little bubble butt!

yay for being a "soccer mom" and doing something for you! as a fellow working mom i know how hard it must be to Make that happen. :) kudos to you!

Anna Ruth said...

That picture with Lily getting to give a kiss is precious. What a great thing to be able to play soccer with your family watching supporting you.

Mary said...

Watching you on the soccer field brought back such memories. And now your daughter (what a beatiful word) is watching you. I LOVE it!!

Cibele said...

loved the pitures!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heidi said...

lol on jenny from the block...so true. lily has a little booty!!!!

love the pics of len and lily reading and the soccer pics. i bet she will play when she's older:)

Kelle said...

Junk in the trunk so my favorite. And I love "Ow sigh." And I almost want to cry thinking someday she won't say "Ow Sigh" even though I've never heard her say it. I just can't STAND lately that our littles are growing up. And they're just not little long enough. My friends' blogs and lives and kids making me so happy today. :o)