Friday, February 19, 2010

Potty and Giggles

Lately, the day-to-day is so much fun with Lily. Should I say that 22 months is my favorite age or will you throw tomatoes at me for lying all the other times? I meant it the other times too, but just didn't know what was around the corner. I just can't believe I'm lucky enough to spend my days with someone who is my daughter, doubled as my little friend. Even though she has zero to little to zilch to nil potty control, she loves to go on the potty. It doesn't matter that there are puddles all over the house when she's in her undies, she thinks she is the master of the potty and wants to teach baby just the same. The sound effects she makes while baby is peeing is just too much for me. (turn on sound) I love this little soul so much and the spark she adds to our home.


or see video here

And if I could describe her in one word it'd be happy ...and there is nothing that makes me happier. She'll walk around the house saying "hapi" over and over while she's playing independently, almost like she's letting us know she's happy to be here and in our family. The feeling is mutual babe! Here we're playing a game she falls for every time and laughs like it's the first time. I love hearing that deep gutteral laugh (around :30 seonds in) where it's like her heart is going to implode from happiness.


or see the video here


DGMommy said...

OMG Love the laugh!!! Such a happy baby . . . or I guess I should say toddler:)

Love her!!!

Aunt Molly:))

Cibele said...

I also loooooooooooooove this age. The videos are so adorable!

Julie Frizzi said...

laughing seeing her put that baby on potti,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,cracks me up.

Kelle said...

Eeerrgh. It says video not available at this time~!

wylie said...

HA! I love how long it took her to get those wipes out of that container! What, were they glued in there? I love her little giggle. Can't wait for 22 months, looks like a blast! Love that lils :)

Mary said...

I keep thinking these little videos can't get any cuter, and then there you go. The potty one is ADORABLE!!!! And the giggling one - OMG. Just makes me miss her more!!

Jennifer said...

That giggle is TOO MUCH!!

watched it three times and kept rewinding to :30...

HAPPY is the best word for her...truly.

love her!!!!

Heidi said...

omgoodness. she is such a little love!

happy is a really good word for her, just like her mama!

Anna Ruth said...

She is full of happiness and love. Enjoy this special time. Her laugh is too cute.

Leah said...

LOVE HER LAUGH!! She's too precious!

Tisha said...

such a little smarty pants, teaching her baby how to go potty! love the potty sounds, hilarious!

her laugh makes me laugh!

Grandpa said...

When Lily’s around . . . there are no cloudy days . . . her giggle makes everyone smile. The more I see Lily . . . the younger I get . . . and that’s a good thing!

Love ya!

Dad & Grandpa