Sunday, January 10, 2010

Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner

Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner....

except Lily does it to herself.

all. the. time.

She comes home from school and acts like she has homework because as I'm unloading the (million) bags from the car, she goes straight to the corner. We bought her a new chair for her reading corner, but she wanted nothing to do with it and loves to sit on the floor while reading. I could wallpaper the house with all the sneak-up-on-Lily-pictures-and-she-never-looks-up-while-reading-unless-i-call-her-name-50x-pictures. (she's actually kissing the book on the bottom)


and this is one of my favorites...she propped Mouse (Mou) and Snowman in his lap and sat them just so for a solid minute before nuzzling into the not so soft carpet for a good tale...

Then she saunters over to the other corner of our bedroom to put shoes on and off. Actually, she can't put any on and can't take them off, but she tries and tries. She puts them on for about 2 tries each foot, then hits them on the ground 3 times to try again like something is wrong with the shoe itself. Then she's on to the next shoe. Rinse. Repeat. Love her persistence.

Can I get arrested for spying? If she looked up, she'd see only an arm around the corner with a camera attached to it while I peek through the door crack. Is that legal? If not, I'm going straight to the big house.

Enter evidence A:

I can't tell you how long she does this.

and we think she has Daddy's clean gene because she'll put them all back into the basket when she's finished. If only she could mop.


and when she's not in the corner, she's holding multiple things around the house like she's preparing for a business meeting and needs them with her at all times. You don't see an empty-handed Lily zipping around the house very often.

Still hard for me to comprehend that she's here and ours to raise, love, while adding this giant ray of sunshine into our house so I stop trying to comprehend it all and just enjoy our little miracle who has touched our lives in a big way.
Thank you Lily for being you. I feel honored to be the one chosen to be your "mommy" .


Grandpa said...

Wadda-ya mean . . . “I feel honored to be the one chosen to be your mommy" . . . how about me . . . “I feel honored as well . . . being chosen to be one of her Grandpa’s!”

Have you thought about giving Lily an allowance . . . you know . . . for all the warmth and love she brings to your heart?

Justine H said...

Kelly - you are going to the big house - seriously...not for spying but for SHOE ADDICTION, look at all those adorable shoes!!! heheheeeee

Im the same, Lolas has as many. Lily is a gem, and those piggy tails.....oh my the cuteness

Hope you are well. We are starting our next IVF in the coming weeks, wish us luck! I am not putting anything on my blog as we are not telling anyone this time round, just my IVF friends.

Anna Ruth said...

What sweet pictures with her and her books. She is so smart. The them.

wylie said...

oh cuteness! so....the truth... she can't tie her shoes!

Mary said...

That video of her trying to put those shoes on is probably my all time favorite - and that's saying something. The way she sticks with it is so friggin' adorable. She is one special little girl. Love her so much.

Heidi said...

the books. wow. that is great that she loves books as she does. not to mention it is super cute!!!