Saturday, April 05, 2008

Glimpses from Heaven

Our Little Miracle.

Finally in our arms.
Pure Heaven.She's ours....forever.
Daddy's Little Angel
Lily's family meets her!
The Hutchesons. A Family...Perfectly Complete.


Unknown said...

Kelly and David,
What a perfect little girl! She really is absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait to meet her. Congratulations!

Ali & Eric Boe

Anonymous said...

So beautiful!!!!! Congratulations!!!!

Lisa Y. said...

From the Michigan Crydermans: Congratulations!!! There were many of us praying for her safe arrival from heaven to your arms!
Kelle's cousin Lisa :)

Jessica said...

She is ABSOLUTELY beautiful!!!! :) Wow!! Tears are coming to my eyes seeing her for the first time. She is such a miracle and I have been there through your entire struggle to conceive this beautiful little girl! She was SO worth the wait! God is amazing and has blessed your family!

And Kelly, you look AMAZING!!! I cannot wait to hear all about her birth story. I love ya!!!

PS I woke up at 5:30am this morning...and my first thought was...I wonder if Kelly is holding little Lily right now?! You both have been in my thoughts and prayers...

Delenn said...

Congratulations!! Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! WOW! She really is gorgeous!! What a perfect and beautiful family!!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't stop looking at her. I just love her lips!!! Her complexion is so pretty. SHE is so pretty. Lily is so pretty!!

Anonymous said...

Kelly - She's so beautiful! And you look way too good to have just had a baby and been up all night!
Congratulations! I really wish I could be there to hold that sweet little girl.

-Julie (MomToBrady)

Unknown said...

Lily is such a BEAUTIFUL baby! She does have a great complexion. I LOVE the knit booties!! Love her lil' onesie, too! Kelly and David, you have a beautiful little girl, you have a beautiful family! I am so happy for you!


Heidi said...

Kelly and David-
What a little miracle...her skin is perfect, her lips, her little nose, her toes,...SHE IS BEAUTIFUL, just like her mommy. Your happiness is spilling cup overflows for you.
I love you.

Anonymous said...

Perfect, Pretty, Precious. Knowing what I do, she is clearly God's gift to you...beautiful, that is what His giving is...reminding us even in the last minute, she is Heaven kissed and God given. Angels brought her...I really belive it...Angels brought her to you and to David. She is destined for wonder!

Anonymous said...

Congrats:):):) She is sooooooo beautiful!!!!! I would love to see her right now!!!!!!
Allison Hutcheson

Allison Brinkley, Dietitian said...

OH Kelly - You look like a natural. How exciting. She is absolutely gorgeous! Truly a blessing from God. I just love these pictures! It looks like Kelle's work?

Love you,

Unknown said...

She is so CUTE! I had to come back for another look! What a little angel! Those lips of hers are too much! I get chills when I read & re-read the captions under each pic! She IS yours FOREVER!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

EEEEEEKKKKKK (times a million)!!!!!
I have to admit that I woke up early this morning a checked your blog at 4am! I just couldn't wait.

She is SO beautiful, and WOW mommy and daddy look great too!

I am extremely jealous!! I think I need one of my own (especially after seeing these pictures)!

SO happy for you. The Hutcheson's are FINALLY a (complete) family. :)

Anonymous said...

The Frizzi's are all cheering...She is beautiful...Love the little hat and perfect lips, eyes, and nose....Miracle baby!! XOXOXO

Tisha said...

What a beauty! She is perfect! Congratulations to you both and Welcome to the world Lily Grace!

Anonymous said...

I can't stop looking...4th time looking at that picture of those little lips............julie

Unknown said...

ok...3rd time looking at the pics. But, it is the 1st time Jason has seem them. She has SUCH a SWEET face! OMG! You changed the header of the BLOG to LOVING LILY! AWESOME! Super pics! :o)

Kelle said...

There are no words for all of this. So, I will leave you with just three: I. Love. You.

Dreaming of Lily tonight...she's snuggled right up to Lainey in my heart now.

Jennifer said...

I don't know how to describe how happy this baby has made our entire family.

Our prayers have been answered. Lily Grace is here.

God has been good to us...and I am so grateful.

Welcome to the world, sweet baby Lily.

I promise to love you and help you be everything you are meant to be in God's eyes.

Love, Aunt Jennifer :)

Anonymous said...

Kelly, David, and Lily,
What a tremendous journey you all have traveled, and it's only the beginning! Congratulations on finally having each other to hold. I am so happy for the miracle you are experiencing.
Kelly and David, God Bless you on the parental path you've been blessed with.
Lily, sweet, beautiful Angel from above, there are no words. I can't wait to meet you.
God is Great!
Love you all.

Anonymous said...

hey kelly,
just read about lily grace's arrival.
i'm so happy for you and david.
anna(aka sexypbaby)

Carin said...

she is so beautiful.

sending my love.

Kara said...
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Anonymous said...

Love looking at the pictures over and over lol!! I'm sooo happy for you! Has it sunk in yet You're a Mommy, you're someone's MOM. I remember telling myself that over and over after my little stinkers were born and just squealing with disbelief and delight!! I love the photo with her little fists sticking out of her blankey. She's such a perfect little princess.
Love Donna

Anonymous said...

ps. Stevie just looked at your photo and said you look just like his guidance counselor lol - guess you guys all look alike tee hee! xoxo! Donna again :)