Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Preschool Grady

Soccer is starting soon. woot woot. photo IMG_2977_zps7d166264.jpg

ready set go photo IMG_2978_zps69f457fe.jpg  photo IMG_3037_zpscdb09624.jpg
rough start to pre school, but teachers said he was the most improved student because he went from fearful, crying all day to waltzing right in and hugging and kissing everyone goodbye

 photo IMG_3038_zpsc396a28a.jpg

Lily still writes with both hands, but Grady is definitely a "righty" photo IMG_3039_zps1bc2480d.jpghe loves make believe photo IMG_3046_zps5d403be2.jpg

and so it begins photo IMG_3047_zpsddead07d.jpg

Love this life w them