Thursday, February 26, 2009


I think she will be the next Bingo caller!!

She may not be talking yet, but I think she's telling me she's all done! lol. What do you think?

When we were trying to have a baby, it was particularly hard when I was alone driving around town because my thoughts would creep in and my heart would ache to have a baby in the backseat riding around with me. Now I have that baby in the backseat with me everywhere I go. And it's not just a baby. It's a miracle. It's our Lily! Sometimes I still can't believe my eyes...or my ears! She has this magical way of melting all the stress away in my life just being her!
(David was driving during filming)

It's all the little moments like these that make life so sweet!!


Anonymous said...

cute car seat :)
You need one of those rear vision mirrors that hook onto the back parcel shelf and face towards baby so you can see them when you look at the mirror through your rearvision mirror. Or when you turn around to film her lol

Allison Brinkley, Dietitian said...

I love it! I have been so busy lately and not gotten to comment on the adorable videos and beautiful pics fromt he famous Kelle Hampton. I love them all.

I can't wait til you can have conversations with Lily. It will blow your mind. I absolutely love the conversations I have with Chase. Reading books takes on a whole new world now!

Miss you!

Jennifer said...

OMG I adore the child she is becoming. She beams when you look at her, she smiles effortlessly, she is just so...responsive.

The Bingo game...loving the motor skills...and she is looking like a lefty right there!!

Her scrunched up face when the spoon was heading for her...was PRICELESS!!!!
Then she smiles SO big when you said "all done"...because she knew that was different and she was getting out of her chair into a sudsy bubble bath.

And her little babbling voice??? is heaven.

Love her.

Kelle said...

The one of her pushing the food away? Bwah ha ha ha. Love her! These videos will add up to one little treasure someday! Lainey likes to watch them. When they're done...she says "more more." In fact, she's on my lap getting super ticked because this comment is going long and she wants back to the action. So, I shall retire. xoxo

Tisha said...

ha! the food one was hilarious. she's so adorable!

were these all taken with the new flip camera?

Heidi said...

peyton, beckham and i enjoyed these so much...about 5 times each ...lainey and my kids were impatiently awaiting me to play it cute, we love our lil lil!!

pounding hand down with scrunchy face is priceless.

the bingo shot cracked me up because you were cracking up...ha, really, i was laughing hard!!! you sound so happy!


Heidi said...

oh yeah...the car seat shot of only her bonnet clad head and a little feet...precious!