Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Girl and Her Toy Box

Lily is like a magnet to her toy box! We can set her down anywhere in the house and somehow she will know there is loads of fun to be had in her toy box! Thanks Taylors for this amazing toy box that we're getting tons of use out of!! Soft edges and the top doesn't slam shut; what more could you ask for?

We see this sight all of the time. She's actually gone digging so deep that I've found her with feet up in the air whining because she's stuck face first in the toy box! Took everything in me to save her first and not grab the camera!! She's safely peering in seeing what her next game will be. I just love this shot!

How is she 10 months old? She's so close to ONE that I can taste the birthday cake!

Thanks to Gma for this adorable outfit that we just love with a capital L!!

We were at the park and this little girl came up to David and INSISTED that he pick her up. Mom was nowhere to be found and she just held her arms up in the air saying "up, up, up" over and over just to David. So he picked her up and it was funny to see him holding a baby the size Lily will be one day sooner than we can blink our eyes! (her mom came over just after this shot saying she's very social; particularly with men?)

Grandpa (aka JCPenny model) loving to play with his granddaugther....this warms my heart like a marshmallow to a campfire!

Lily doesn't like being on her back after a bath; can't figure out what it is, but immediately flips like a pancake and wants wants on her tummy and to crawl all over the bed! If we set her down she'll crawls all over the bedroom and doesn't mind looking like a phantom ghost with the hooded towel still attached to her (steph, recognize the pink shirt?)

In the middle of the day while David and Lily were playing, she just decided it was time to snuggle with her daddy so she crawled up in his neck nook! She stayed like this for so long and daddy was in heaven! I couldn't stop snapping as I turned green with envy! Then she got up and went about her day playing and our Stretchy Heart Syndrome was in full swing again. It's like she jumps in our hearts and gently pushes on the wall to make more room for herself as she grows bigger. When we trying to get pg, I used to sit and dream of these little moments, but never ever did I dream this big!

Mommy and Daddy dressed up for date night for Kelle's 30th birthday, while Grandma stayed behind to fill our shoes, which she can do with one hand!

Speaking of Kelle, she worked her magic again for these adorable valentine day cards...she has more talent in her pinky than Martha Stewart has had in her entire life!

Then she really rocked our world when she pulled off these shots in all of about 15 minutes! More to come on this front...this is just one of the many amazing ones she got! I don't know how to pick favorites bc it's disloyal to all the other pictures. Thank you Kelle for capturing the love we feel for Lily and compacting it into these beautiful pictures that her future self will scrunchy face smile from ear to ear!

I wish David and I could renew our vows because a little birdy just told me Kelle is now doing weddings! HELLO!! Zowie! Book her now for babies, kids, graduation, sporting events, holiday cards, family pictures, or just because; it'll be the best decision you make for yourself...

and your future self!!


Heidi said...

i love the shot of her going through her toy box...lol on visual of her head first, feet in air, stuck in box. soooo cute.

she's like her little person, walking around her house, knowing what she wants and what she needs to do to get it. she is getting so big.

daddy loves on the floor melted my heart like butter...heavenly is the only word to describe that. ooh, i just want to run down a few houses and 'borrow' her for a few minutes.

kelle's perfect pics, and scrunchy face on the night of kell's party...yummy.

love her and you (david too!)

Anna Ruth said...

I can see her off and crawling to get to the beloved toy box. All the pictures are great. I love that she had to stop and cuddle for awhile.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!! I have a picture of me when I was 1 1/2 years old and I was digging deep into my toy box and I got stuck. I am looking up at my dad crying and he thought it was so funny he had to take a quick picture before he helped me. Too funny!

Kelle said...

Holy Props, Man! Thank ya!

Oh, I love that picture of her restin' on David. And the determination of her toy dig! Oh, love her so much! And capturing all of ya'll's love is easy...'cuz love just naturally free flows!

...and it's so crazy to think we waited for her and wanted her for so long. i so don't even remember those days!

Tisha said...

the post is what blogs were made for, love and heart melting. her scrunchy face smile and the toy box pic, get out! its so cute!

but the one with daddy...makes my heart stop. its just oozes sweetness and makes my eyes all watery. maybe its cuz i so hope my next one is a little girl that will do the same with her daddy.

jen said...

that pink valentine's card is ADORABLE! i love that hat ... and the colors ... and her scrumptious face!
goodness ... it's silly ... but i love seeing pictures of her ... like i've "known" her ... silly, isn't it?
my babies are home sick ... ugh ... is winter over yet? but you remind me that life IS good. (even with NO sleep and working) thanks for that.

anna said...

Those pictures are AMAZING! If Kelle's ever in Chicago, lemme know cuz we have dibs on her picture-clicking ways! I really think Lily just keeps on getting cuter and cuter...I can hardly stand it! And can you believe all of our babes are almost a year old?! I am dumb-founded that this year has gone so quickly!

Jennifer said...

She is just pure magic. I could literally eat her up!!!

Love the picture of her snuggling in David's neck. Heaven.

Love you three so much!!!

Anonymous said...

It's so hard to pick a favorite, so I'm just going to comment on:
-The brown outfit-looks like she's ready to go out jogging.
-Peeking into the toy box - priceless. Her little rump in the air.
- The outfit I got her looks like it needs to be grown into. So cute
- and then, drum rolls please, the head in David's neck is the best, the best, the best.

Love you guys,

dig this chick said...

haha I have totally found bug in the same feet up, face down in toy box position. And I too desperately wanted to grab the camera but saved her instead. Now that we know they survive, maybe next time we can grab a pic before rescue...

She is getting so big! I loved 10 months. It's funny how you remember certain ages. I feel like at 10 months, Margot really started exploring. Little Lily, xo.

Jennifer said...

Wonderful Valentine's Day photos. I love the "my girl" one! Very original idea.