Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Zoo and Hugs

court reminded me I haven't posted in awhile...and she's right....i feel like Beachbody has eaten me up and swallowed me whole (in such an awesome way) so I gotta find the balance, but it's so hard when it's so much fun!!  Here's a great group pic from our favorite watering hole photo IMG_1354_zps40a53834.jpg

these 2 melt me the way they look out for each other... photo IMG_1407_zpsae45df32.jpg

and have so much fun together... photo IMG_1399_zpsa4960095.jpg

"Do I have something on my face?" photo IMG_1386_zpsa903dc9d.jpg

so big... photo IMG_1378_zpsfaa3849a.jpg

he is so much fun in the pool now... photo IMG_1370_zpsbbc167f3.jpg

a little good luck kiss before his lessons when he had them...
 photo IMG_1336_zpsfba6b5e8.jpg

I mean come on now...i just can't handle this when I'm spying... photo IMG_1335_zpsbd8a9e22.jpg
there i go with the behind the back shots...
 photo IMG_1332_zpsbe5e8887.jpg

future lacrosse goalie? photo IMG_1296_zps9fc9e0af.jpg

Jen's assistant...
 photo IMG_1292_zpsa1a86120.jpg

i pledge of allegiance... photo IMG_1282_zps2195ed5b.jpg

catch... photo IMG_1245_zps8b8a054e.jpg

zoo in cooler weather...G with a tail. photo IMG_1234_zps94938db5.jpg

party with marty the white alligator... photo IMG_1233_zps8349f5af.jpg

thanks for the reminder's fun to reminisce!!  life is good!

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