Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Around the House

I think I have the record for most posts titled "around the house" or "random pictures". I can never think of a clever'er (yes, that's a word I just made up) title because my pictures are always so random

I had to take a breather from pictures and videos because I thought I'd drown and still feel that way, but here's just a little taste of life. Probably more like 10%.

I can't say i "looooooved" lily's newborn weeks/months because I was SOOO overwhelmed with caring for our first newborn, trying to breastfeed and feeling like I was failing her because she was losing weight, post tramautic stress from her delivery and a few health scares we had with her (that turned out ok) so I don't remember that time with a lot of carefree adoration. I remember saying "next week will be easier" which was the mantra Colleen told me tell myself and it was SOOOOO true! It did get easier every week. But with Grady, I havent felt that way at all and I feel like I'm enjoying newborn phase for the first time with true appreciation for how sweet and fleeting it is. I feel like a broken record, but I truly can't believe how sweet this boy is. I tell him all the time, but I wish he could understand. I dont think kids ever truly understand or grasp it until they have their own. I think Lily is a big fan too! She is so gentle and sweet with him which makes me love her even more which I didnt think possible. And Grady flashes these big open mouth smiles to anyone which makes me think he's hung the moon. And then the 2 of them together? It's like heart combustion explosion time. And when I talk to other parents, it's crazy because they feel the exact. same. way. about their kids which is so uber cool I can't stand it. Whether they're kids are young or old, the feelings are universal.

I've taken his monthly pictures on time, but haven't posted them on time. Here he is in MY FAVORITE jammies ever known to mankind on him!! Thank you Janet. I'll keep these forever and he's in them as soon as they come out of the dryer. The little feetsy have faux baseball shoes on them!

Lily got really sick right before I did over break and spent some serious cuddles in bed with us. It was heavenly even though I felt so badly for her.

Grady was busy being an elf making presents for family at our local pottery joint....look at those little feetsy! oh my goodness! Did I say "feetsy" 2x in one post?

My Godmother Jan sent us this in the mail as a surprise and it made me cry when I opened it. Never did I think this would happen to us that we'd be able to have an ornament like this. When I read back in my diary while TTC and I can't tell you how I BEGGED the universe for this.

Thanks Lindsey for telling us about this awesome neighborhood park I didn't know about that's right around the corner from us! Lily was all smiles, but I can't say she's really a park snob since they're all the same to her and she could go to the same park 3x a day and she'd be a happy camper. I never knew kids loved parks so much, but holy moly this girl is a true addict! Grady just chills on the sidelines taking it all in.

Not sure if i posted this picture bc it was in photobucket, but look how cute he looks on the scale with his little hat. It's worth reposting if I already did.

My dad was waiting for Lily at the bottom of the slide and kept saying over and over "Ready, set, go! I'll be here for you to catch you if you fall." I was so taken aback by that because it is so symbolic of how our parents raised us feeling they'd be there for us no matter what and now we, along with all the other parents out there who think their kids hung the moon too, are paying it forward to their own kids.

Truly amazing!

life is good.


Annie said...

When I had baby number 2 I had an idea in my head of what it might be like, but the one thing I did not know about, was the Sibling Love. It is THE BEST. Melts my heart, it is so magical. Watching them grow together and their relationship blossom is amazing.

Anna Ruth said...

I love around the house pictures. It means that everyday is special no matter where you go.

Cibele said...

So much looooooooooooooooove. I cant belie how big he is getting! and Lily, such a sweet big sister. congrats on a gorgeous family. Loved the ornament