Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Big Shoes to Fill

Being picked to be a juror on a trial that has lasted almost 2 weeks (yes, u read that right) has left me little time with the long hours everyday, but has given me the greatest appreciation to how family friendly my job is in the school system. My job is really the best of both worlds alongwith all the warm fuzzies & daily hugs that I haven't been getting in the heated courtroom and miss desperately.

Here's another little someone I've missed too, but she doesn't know what time it is when I get home and literally stops in her tracks, her face lights up like a lightbulb, smiles from ear to ear and RUNS to my open arms! I wish I could replay it in slow motion because it's the best part of my day. (and big thanks to daddy for leaving work super early everyday to pick her up w/o ever complaining even a little and Aunt Jen for stepping in to get some extra 'head-smelling' time)

Here she is trying to be just like Grandma in her shoes. Are you kidding me with that ponytail? Be still my heart.

with my long lawyer-hours-without-the-lawyer-pay has made me up the ante with quality time with Lily hopping in on the fun to a place I have no business being...(ummmm, yes i know my booty is almost as big as the sandbox)

is it possible to have her wear a bonnet to her first day of kindergarten? What about prom? I think it'd be a hit. I just can't get enough of her in one...

and sliding down the slide on her own which I never dreamed she could even do until her teacher mentioned she did all of the time like it was a normal everyday thing; (big eyes) I guess it's time to let go that she's not a newborn anymore...I didn't get the memo she can hold her body upright and slide gleefully down the slide and it still surprises me when she does normal everyday things that all 17 months old do, but she still seems like a 7 month old to me sometimes...

and our sunshine on even the cloudiest long yelling-lawyer-objecting day...

can we please have a moment of silence for her first pair of Keds that I grew up on and thought I was so cool even though my mom wouldn't buy me Reebok hightops because they were too "trendy" (no cabbage patch kids for the same reason)

oh and they're purple and I wish she could wear them to bed I love them so much on her...oh, and just $3 buckaroos! Cha-ching!

(moment of silence begins)
(moment of silence over)

Feeling a little more grateful for my life when I have to exchange it temporarily for long days of intense civic duty that has lasted even longer than the judge expected and told us today we were one of the most patient jury teams he's ever worked with in 43 years! How about them apples?

(pounding gavel)

Case closed.

Life is Good!


Leah said...

Um... LOVE THE KEDS!!! LOL! I partook (is that a word?) in the moment of silence... well worth it:-)

Jessica said...

Oh she is just so flippin' cute, Kelly!!! I LOVE her Keds!!!!!! And you always have her dressed up so cute...I love it!! Please give her a kiss from me! :)

Cibele said...

Love the bonnet qith the pink all star shoes... OMG!!!!!! just too cute

wylie said...

Awww, I love lils and the slide! She looks like a big girl moving down that thing :) Where does the time go? Rememeber when they would just lay there in thier strollers and we would drink coffee and wait for them to move so we could oooh and aaaah? It seems like yesterday! Love that little lily.

Anna Ruth said...

Her running to you I know has been the best part of your "lawyer" days. The purple keds are precious.

Jennifer said...

She sure does love her Mama!! I know your heart skips ten beats when she leaps into your arms!!

Can't wait til this trial is over...less stress for you, and I get my sister back. :)

And ARE YOU KIDDING ME with the hoddie/skirt/Keds combo!!??
Cuteness overload. Moment of silence for that!!


Kelle said...

The shoes!! And purple too! I've never even seen purple Keds! It's the girl that makes 'em though! Is there an age limit on who can be in court? Because I'm sure the judge would let you take her! Love her ponytail too!

jen said...

purple keds? too cute.

Tisha said...

love the pink skirt outfit pic! she looks so grown up! love the keds!

good grief, hang in there with the jury duty. they better not call you up for another 10 years!

Heidi said...

i can't b how big she is, and that ponytail...HOLLA!!! so cute!!!!

purple keds are the cutest purple shoes i have ever seen!!

Mary said...

I mean, c'mon - the ponytail and the picture of the purple keds taken from the rear. I miss that little girl so much, I can't tell you!
Love, Mom

Grandpa said...

Love that Lily girl . . . she’s the sunshine on a rainy day . . . she’s the doctor when we don’t feel so good . . . but most of all . . . she’s you daughter . . . the one that makes your heart skips a beat . . . and mine too!

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